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 TV 10 studios
  mailing location:

 c/o 135 Lee Cemetery Road
 Morehead Kentucky

 [ 40351 ]

 Fax line is 606-783-1874

 Call in and office phone:

             Buy a Dog - Sell a Hog!


TV 10 Newslines


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Local Schedule Highlights:

 Our "call in classified" show:
 "Buy a Dog~Sell a Hog"

  Suggested call-in times:

(or when the phone number is on the screen ) 

 after news and yard sales at around:
 ~ 8:40-9:00a

 ~ 9:40-10 am

 also: ALL CALLS :
 friday and monday 7-8pm only

 "Country Clips" 4:30-5:00 m-f


weather news events and obits:

newslines " 5:30 to 6pm  m-f

Other Programs:
 Sundays at 8;30a "Truth For the World"
             at ~9am~9:30a Disciples of Christ


Entertainment program info:


current email tv10morehead@yahoo.com

HEY! Scanner Hounds:
On some scanner radios you can pick up our audio in many locations with outside scanner antennas or TV antennas--
  up to ~20miles from Morehead:
Channel 10 : ~197.040Mhz
  up to ~3miles

Please email us a Report of your listening ability or with any questions; Click here for some more local Freq. numbers!

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